Teaching & Learning

Accelerating Students Along Neural Superhighways
How exploring a vivid metaphor for how a brain works leads to three suggestions for optimizing student learning.

AVID: Building a Sense of Belonging
AVID Adventures in College & Career Readiness
How being a member of a school’s AVID network help students have a cohort of classmates with whom they build a sense of belonging, united by an expectation for academic success.

An Introduction to the Framework for Quality Learning
k12albemarle YouTube Channel

This whiteboard animation summarizes the first two sections of Albemarle County, Virginia’s Framework for Quality Learning (FQL) – A System Model for High-Quality Teaching and Learning. These sections include “An Introduction to…” as well as “How the Framework for Quality Learning is Organized,” and are intended to serve as a “jumping-off” point in developing questions that inspire learning related to the content of the FQL.


Not Waving, But Drowning: Tips for How to Safely Rescue an Overwhelmed Teacher
Educational Leadership
The fast-paced landscape of education keeps teachers “treading water” to keep up with day-to-day learning work. How can a lifeguard’s lingo for the preferred order of lifesaving actions help educational leaders support those who are struggling to stay afloat?

Science Education

Lessons from My Grandfather: Doing What Has to Be Done
Albemarle County Public Schools Leadership Blog
Albemarle County’s science teachers address their practice in relationship to the updated Virginia Science Standards of Learning, increasing both the rigor and the relevance of the learning experiences they plan for students.

Science Resources

Discovery Education Physics Techbook
Subject Matter Expert as member of Paladin Media Group video development team
The Discovery Education Physics Techbook collects engaging video from Discovery that helps students connect physics to their world. In partnership with the video development team, Subject Matter Experts authored and edited content of selected videos to ensure that the information met the standard.

Make To Learn: Exploring Wind Power!
Subject Matter Expert as member of University of Virginia’s Fab@School Team
Exploring Wind and Power is an activity book that combines 2D and 3D digital fabrication, electrical circuits, and mechatronics in a series of activities geared to a culminating project – building a model wind turbine that generates sufficient electricity to light a series of LED bulbs that create lighting for a village in Africa. (Description from Curry School of Education website.)

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