Blogs of Faith and Devotion

During the MSNBC Teacher Town Hall on September 25, 2010, Van Meter superintendent of schools and #edchat enthusiast John Carver (@johnccarver) had the idea of asking, “What’s Working?” on Twitter. ACPS teacher Paula White (@paulawhite) suggested that we all go write a blog about what’s working in education, and share our stories with the hashtag #educationnation.

See below for these blogs of hope (more will be added as they are posted under the hashtag #educationnation):

In Made to Stick, Chip & Dan Heath write that stories have the power to get people to act.  Some stories help us know how to act in a situation, while others inspire us with energy to act.  What are your stories?  Please share them over the hashtag #educationnation, as these stories will help all of us, our colleagues, and our communities take the steps we need to take right now.

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