Alternatives to Wordle

(Editor’s note: Wordle is back up and running as of 2/28/2010, but these alternatives are still out there as well.)

Info posted on Wordle’s website on 2/27

With Wordle down for the count for the foreseeable future, what will we do?  Thankfully, there may be alternatives out there that could fill Wordle’s large shoes as a text summarizing tool.  Take a look, and see what jumps out at you…and please leave comments with any other ideas/resources you find.  (Thanks to members of my Twitter PLN @BeckyFisher73, @jswiatek, @ShellTerrell, @dianadell & @web20classroom for the suggestions!)

Similar to Wordle:

  • ABCya – Very similar to Wordle, w/a few less options
  • Clusty Cloud Creator– Has potential as a word cloud option, but still limited
  • Tagul – More of a ‘tag cloud’ tool then a text frequency cloud, but still pretty awesome
  • Vocab Grabber – Interesting tool for vocab development
  • WordItOut – Not as ‘cool-looking’ in my limited experience with it, but it could suffice
  • Word Mosaic – More of an art/shape creator than a frequency distribution cloud
  • WordSift – Also not as visually compelling, but ‘gets the job done’

Related tools:

  • FlickrPoet – Neat concept: pictures from Flickr that coincide w/the text of a story

Blogs w/pedagogical ideas:

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